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We are an experienced article submission company in India. Manual article submissions is the white hat technique of promoting your website. The article submissions process is all about posting the articles in the popular and relevant article directories, and the link points back to your website. In a way, the article submission process is just the right way of branding your website and products or services.

You have slogged for hours trying to make good and effective online content pieces! Now you want them to be distributed on the web for generating loads of traffic, quality content pieces which contain correct information perform the miracles of directing one way inward links, high SERPS and continuous inflow of targeted traffic.

Article submissions to relevant article directories is a smart and economized way of increasing the PR of your website, and this is absolutely not far-fetched! Many internet marketing magnates have already testified to it! It is very true to say that article submissions offer an effective means of increasing the publicity of products and services on the Internet.

Hire manual article submission service in India

The process of manual article submissions is tough, and demands caliber and time management. Let us tell you that we don't provide an automated article submission service, we only do manual article submissions.

Our manual article submissions work in two ways:

In the first method, articles are provided by our customers, and sent to us for submission in relevant article directories.

In the second method, our content writers churn out quality articles pieces on the keywords given by the client, following that we submit the articles to the relevant article directories.

We submit articles to many popular and relevant article directories including,,, and the list continues. If you prefer, you can also send the list of your selective article directories and we will do the rest.

Our frequency of submission ranges between 20-30 articles per day, depending on the type of account we are using, for example, in a Platinum Account we post an unlimited number of articles each day, however, we submit up to 10 articles per day in a Basic Account.

All articles submitted to article directories will have the 'author bio' including your website link.

Why do we do only manual article submissions?

Most of the article directories undertake manual reviews on the articles submitted. They can easily notice any automated submissions and ignore them immediately. Maybe you can find cheap automated article submission software, but in the end, most of the articles are rejected anyway. You need to consider some real-time facts before going for an automated article submission service in India.

Article directories differ from one another in:

HTML coding done in articles
Having links in the main content
Quantity of links per article (varying between 2 to 4)
Categories and sections
Registration and confirmation methods.
Captcha (image confirmation)
Total number of articles allowed per user

Automated software submission does not calculate the differences listed above, while submitting in the article directories. High-quality article directories do not accept automated article submissions, as it is considered as spamming.

The unique thing about our article submission service is that it's tailor made and customized for your needs. We write articles as per their editorial guidelines that can be accepted immediately. In addition, if you already have a large amount of articles, we'd be confident to accept the challenge of making 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 submissions to directories.

We are equally proficient in blog posting, and posts too!

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