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Remember when we say professional novel writing services, we mean it!

Are you writing a novel? Well, that's too easy! Have you tried writing a first-rate novel having prize winning content in it? That's the real hard thing to do! And this is what we do!

Being a professional novel writing company in India, we understand a good fiction novel writing just doesn't happen all by itself. It has to be worked, re-worked and designed to create a Vox Populi! Many novels get published every day, but are all of them able to establish their readership in the market?

Absolutely Not!!!

Only a few earn the crown of 'Best Seller'! And the Rest of them Find Their Place in the Garbage! Have You Ever Thought on this Point? Why some novel writing services brings fortunes, while many others die out and are not even able to earn a Dime!

That's where characterization, plot development, unity of time, unity of place and unity of action comes into play. No novel can ever attract the attention without plot development. A good and effective plot therefore becomes the prerequisite for a first-rate novel writing!

We write outstanding novels

At niche writers® - a professional novel writing company, we write novels only after discussing the Plot and Dramatis Personae (Characterization) in detail with you. Once the entire plot and characterization stage is discussed, the real and hard work of novel writing begins.

The novel writer at niche writers® will then create unity of time, action and place, keeping in view the Characterization, Plot and other theatrical devices in loop.

Our experienced fiction novel writer will churn out a high-quality and saleable literary piece for you at completely affordable prices. We do Children's Novel, Christian Novel

Cult or Coterie Novel, Gothic Novel, Graphic Novel, Detective, Mystery and Thriller Novel, Dime Novel, Dystopian Novel, Epistolary Novel, Erotic Novel, Fantasy Novel and many more.

What We Need From You

The Protagonist's Name
1-2 Para Summary of the Leading Character
1-2 Para Summary of the Supporting Characters
Lead Character's Motivation (The Abstract Knowledge)
Supporting Characters Motivation (The Abstract Knowledge)
Lead Character's Goal (What He/She Thinks Concretely)
Supporting Characters Goal (What They Think Concretely)
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Conflicts of the Leading and Supporting Characters
Lead Character's Epiphany (what the character learns and how it changes?)
Supporting Characters Epiphany (what will they learn and how will they change?)

Itís okay if you have not yet finalized the above details, just contact our novel writing company in India and we will do the rest.


Novel writing services by our novel writers will become your copyright. In addition, we won't charge any royalty from you. The copyrighted version of the Novel will be solely yours, and no claims can be sought for the purpose, whatsoever!

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